Raw Dessert Mix - Hazelnut Chocolate


Create your own guilt - free bliss balls in minutes!

Filled with creamy hazelnuts and antioxidant rich cocoa, this delicious gourmet mix will offer you various dessert and snack choices that are fun, nutritious and super easy to make. 

all - natural . vegan . wheat free . no sugar added . paleo . non - GMO

Clean & Simple Real-Food Ingredients: 

almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut, cocoa, chia seeds, sea salt, spices.

Delicious bliss-balls in 4 steps:

1. Pour a bag of raw mix into your food processor.

2. Add 10 pitted medjool dates ( if using smaller dates add 15 dates)

3. Process until small crumbs are formed.

4. Shape dough into bite-sized balls

Optional: Roll balls in coconut flakes, seeds or cocoa powder.

Other Creative Uses:

Raw Cakes: Use dough as a base for your raw cakes. Finish with your favorite fillings and fruit.

Energy bars: Shape dough into small energy bars. Add protein powder to the mix to make protein bars.

Smoothies: Add to your smoothies for a delicious and creamy taste.


Allergens: Contains tree nuts. Caution: May contain nut shell fragments. Net 170 g.


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