Notes From Our Customers

I've recently discovered your raw food bars and immediately felt compelled to contact you. I'm a resident circus performer for the Inner Ring Circus and head aerial instructor for the Vancouver Circus School. My job definitely lends itself to an interest in maintaining optimal physical shape and health. I am VERY particular about what I eat and am especially thrilled about having discovered "Art of Raw"! It is curiously delicious, energy dense, and packs a favorable balance of fats, carbs and proteins, while still feeling really light in my stomach. This is exactly what I need to fuel my body with when performing aerial acrobatics, making "Art of Raw" bars just what I'm looking to eat before performing or teaching. In short: I love your product. :)

Meregon Kiddo, Circus Performer & Aerial Instructor. Vancouver, Canada


Art of Raw energy bars are fantastic! They are not sickeningly sweet like most protein or energy bars but still have a delicious taste and kick to them in spite of not containing any added sugar or chemicals. A tasty, pure, raw energy bar is hard to find - and raw food is the best way to have the cleanest energy. As someone who is really concerned about nutrition, it amazes me that we take so much time to put the best fuel into our cars yet we don't always put the best fuel into our own bodies ( i.e. processed food with sugar & additives). This raw energy bar is a refreshing solution. They leave you feeling satisfied and like you've put something healthy and nutritious into your body.

Rob McKenzie, Personal Trainer, Toronto, Canada


I just wanted to show some gratitude, to say thank you for your delicious products of high quality. A friend of mine sent many of them for me to try, knowing that I have a very rare stomach disease and cannot eat just anything, but all of your products have been very beneficial to me. They have helped me a lot. Once again: thank you, it was a real pleasure to taste your wonderful products!

Marie, Montreal, Canada


How rare it is to find an energy bar that actually tastes good!! With such simple, healthful and natural ingredients, Art of Raw just raised the bar. Thank you so much for your tasty love-filled creations.

Nada Ashkar, B. Hum., R. Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist). Toronto, Canada.


The Art of Raw bars have become a staple in my diet. They’re an amazing way to get the proper nutrition I need, while on the go. I take comfort in knowing the ingredients are hand selected and no harsh chemicals have been added. Thank you, Art of Raw, for creating a healthy, vegan bar we can all enjoy. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this mother & daughter team!

Heather Gall, Toronto, Canada