Our Difference

Art of Raw is a mother-daughter team bringing together a mother’s passion and practice of traditional medicine and nutrition, with a daughter’s vision for bringing delicious, healthy, gourmet snacks into a world starved of real nutritious food.

Our company is a pioneer in a growing movement of bringing real nutritious foods back to the market, a movement of empowering individuals to be and stay healthy by making better food choices.
When you choose Art of Raw products, you can be confident that you are treating yourself and your loved ones to the most delicious, nutritious, highest quality healing snacks on the market.

Our Difference

   Delicious. We combine the highest quality ingredients that we can source with our special blends of spices to create deliciously satisfying snacks that you can feel great about.
   Nutritious. Our snacks are valuable sources of plant-based protein, fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.
   No sugar added. Naturally sweetened with fruits. We don't add any sweeteners.
   Superfoods. We use nutrient dense foods like goji berries and chia seeds in our products to further increase their nutritional benefits and add uniqueness to their tastes.
   All-natural & High quality ingredients. Nothing you can't pronounce, only real food goes into our products. We don't add any preservatives or chemicals.
   Handmade with love & care in our facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
   Cold-Pressed to preserve essential nutrients.
   Vegan. No animals or animal by-products are used for our bars. 
   Non GMO. None of our ingredients are genetically modified. 

Art of Raw is a proud recipient of Foodie Picks Award - a crowd-sourced validation & stamp of approval as one of the most delicious artisan food products in Canada.

We wholeheartedly believe that you are what you eat and a healthy diet will affect your life in so many wonderful ways.