We’re in FoodiePages.ca September TASTING BOX!


Discover Canadian Food Makers Each Month for only $14.95 and become a Food Explorer!

We’re in FoodiePages.ca September TASTING BOX.  Purchasers not only discover great Canadian artisan food finds for $14.95, they’re also invited to be an official Food Explorer, a select group of foodies invited to rate products for FoodiePages.ca.  Top rated products earn a Foodie Pick – a mark of deliciousness from the Canadian foodie community.

There’s only 50 boxes available at noon EST on September 9th and they’ll go quickly!  Log in here to get,

Xpresso from The Newget Kompany (Edmonton AB) - One of their most popular flavors - a delightful confection of the finest white chocolate, roasted almonds, cocoa nibs and espresso flakes.  Great with coffee or a glass of wine. 

The Peanut Butter Chocolate TOFFLE™ from Ultimately Chocolate (Gore Bay ON) – A rich, dark chocolate toffee wrapped around a smooth, peanut butter milk chocolate truffle centre. Made with organic and Fair Trade chocolate and smooth, natural peanut butter.

Owl Cookie from Storica (Montreal QC) - Made by hand, following an artisanal technique from Belgium and the Netherlands. Traditionally offered for special occasions, the therapeutic property of the spices was to bring good health while the sweetness offered comfort during the coldest days.

Chocolate Pyramids from Mary Ann Rondinelli (Toronto ON)- Handcrafted using the finest quality of white chocolate and filled with cookies and cream.  A great afternoon pick me up, or as favours for weddings or other special occasions.

Fruit & Nut Bar from Art of Raw (Toronto ON) – This team combines a mother’s passion and practice of traditional medicine and nutrition, with a daughter’s vision of delicious, healthy, gourmet snacks.  Packed with valuable nutrients.

Fresh Ontario Garlic from Green Valley Garlic (Paisley ON) - 'Music’ is a solid and reliable cultivar that thrives in our seasonal extremes. It has a robust and tangy flavour, and will last (stored in a cool/dry location) throughout the winter.

The FoodiePages.ca market has products from over 180 top Canadian artisan food makers!

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